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Light continues to confabulate and fascinate many of our greatest artists, designers, scholars, researchers and scientists.

We are diurnal creatures whose circadian rhythm (24 hour clock) is adjusted by daylight. These days, we take light for granted. Yet, creating ubiquitous artificial light took us thousands of years.

Albert Einstein’s first paper (March 1905) described his particle theory of light. The opening sentence has been described as the most revolutionary sentence written by a physicist of the 20th century.

Einstein single-handily overturned rigidly held orthodoxy about the nature of light. If you study light, you will be amazed at how many light-based technologies exist and are in the pipeline.

In 2014 the Nobel Prize for Physics went to the inventors of efficient blue light emitting diodes (LED) and in 2015 the United Nation’s proclaimed it the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.

The study of Light Science is resurgent. The electromagnetic spectrum, of which visible light is a tiny slither, has endless properties. The speed of light, its capacity to transmit data and power wirelessly and superimpose wifi, makes light a critical field of research. The speed at which we are now adapting to and adopting products and services flowing from this scientific knowledge is accelerating (2015-2024).

The Gillard Group continues to build its network knowing that what flows out of laboratories and innovative SMEs impacts how we illuminate spaces, make plants flower, treat people, sense movement, kill bacteria, steer cars, run buildings and so much more.  These new innovations will fundamentally change how we: live, work and play.

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