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Artificial light is a $112 billion global industry with predicted 3% pa compounding growth out to 2020 (Boston Consulting Group). There are more lamps than people.

However, the underlying dynamics of this industry are now hostile and fluid. The traditional lighting industry is fighting to survive against a formidable foe, the technology industry. This milieu is creating fresh business opportunities (and risks) for entrepreneurs, start ups, accountants, savvy developers and building owners.

While the rapid uptake of LED is rooted in energy reduction; LED sows many downstream challenges. Most of these issues are not well understood by building owners and consumers and include legal, compliance, product life, warranties, rapid obsolescence and new services.

Until now, lighting was largely back-of-house and mind. Accordingly, most businesses are not well prepared for the transition ahead or to take advantage of relevant new light-based services in the pipeline.  

The Gillard Group realised it had to innovate and invest to create business value and certainty. We engaged successful subject-matter-experts to create solutions for new times. We became the first product independent lighting design firm in the world to launch lighting as a service. Our ground-breaking MinMin Light System attracts generous Federal Government R&D concessions.

While the reasons to act may not yet be clear, early adopters of our services save money, avoid pitfalls and are best positioned to migrate to compelling new light-based services as they unfold 2015-2024. We are signing up long-term clients who accept that the best time to prepare, is now.

If you own a large light portfolio and you see the light; contact us.