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The Gillard Group, or its people, are either members of, or have regular dealings with one or more of the following professional organisations:

  • International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)
  • Certified Lighting Designer (CLD) Commission
  • Illuminating Engineers Society (IESANZ)
  • The Australian Computer Society (ACS)
  • Lighting Council of Australia (LCA)
  • Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Engineers Australia (EA)
  • Design Institute of Australia (DIA)
  • The Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association (ASOFIA)

Where appropriate, Gillard Group members maintain public and professional indemnity insurances.

Lighting is a critical resource and ubiquitous product and subject to various laws. Failure to comply with lighting codes can lead to injury, death and legal liabilities. Lighting products consume energy and materials, contribute to greenhouse emissions and landfill. The Gillard Group engages with many organisations to understand these implications and adapt our designs, services and advice to do good and remain compliant.

The Gillard Group maintains regular contact with reputable suppliers, architects, engineers, builders, interior designers, electricians, artisans and relevant research institutions to source the right product, services, warranties and price and provide relevant support to clients.

The Gillard Group is regularly engaged with Universities, art galleries, heritage authorities and not-for-profits. These entities help maintain our specialist knowledge in various fields.

The Gillard Group values its product independence.