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Professional Services

Light Design
A turnkey lighting design with construction drawings, product specifications, supplier list, site visits and compliance certification. Light Design is the cheapest way to obtain a great design from qualified and recognised lighting design experts.

Light Design+
All of the preceding plus additional data to: create a maintenance schedule; predict end of solution life; and create a foundation to assess whether to hold, replace or repurpose in out years. Light Design+ is the cheapest way to capture this data and is a prerequisite for the next three services.

Light Cycle
All of the above plus maintenance, break/fix, management of warranties and development of the business case and replacement options in the lead up to end-of-product-life. The service includes Light Support. Light Cycle is the best way to achieve peace of mind over the life of your lights.

Light Lease
All of the above plus we fund agreed new lighting products, which you own. Light Lease is a clever way to achieve a pay-as-you-go lighting as a service.

Light Replace
All of the above plus we plan, broker and oversee replacement of end-life product. The service includes Light Support and Light Design+ to deliver a new solution on a rolling basis. This is the cleverest way too not only pay-as-you-go but pay-to-replace into the future.

Light Support
A help desk service for all lighting and related code and compliance issues. Light Support is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way for anyone involved with or owning lighting portfolios to obtain product neutral expert lighting advice.

Light Consult
Great consulting services on any aspect of lighting. Our consulting leverages our network and ongoing research. Light Consult is a cost-effective way to obtain independent lighting expertise and compliance and regulatory advice.

Light Broker
We can lead or manage complex lighting tender and procurement processes, help resolve disputes or provide expert legal testimony and affidavits. 

Light Special
We design and construct bespoke luminaires; light art work, sculptures and special events; source unique solutions – whatever it is, we like a challenge.

Light Audit
We audit existing lighting portfolios, check compliance and warranties, calculate energy consumption, estimate savings against new lamp technologies, identify any ecological issues, judge aesthetics merit, report and make recommendations.

Light Carbon
The Federal Government’s Carbon Credits Methodology 2015 credits emission reductions from projects that improve the energy performance of lighting systems in commercial and industrial buildings and beyond. For an update, contact us.