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The globe is artificially lit and our lighting design is chaotic. What you see is light pollution. Bulb-turnover fills tips and wasted energy drives global warming. Man’s thoughtlessness causes migratory creatures to lose their way and insects to perish needlessly.

Artificial light was once a crucial need of humanity. Once solved, it was rendered back-of-house. The rapid uptake of digital friendly LED heralds a renaissance in light, lighting and light-based technologies. A fresh opportunity arises to change our ways.

The LED luminaire is poised to become the global portal between physical space and the digital world. This paradigm shift has up-turned the traditional lighting industry and will disrupt how we live, work, learn and play into the future.

Once you understand these dynamics and the risks and opportunities ahead, the time to prepare is now.

The Gillard Group and its Principals are creating magic spaces and NET positive outcomes and preparing clients for smart light-based services.

A great lighting design also makes you feel good and function better. Your brain uses a lot of horsepower to make sense of visual input. Your circadian rhythm is hard-wired and fundamental to good health.

Jenni Gillard is a world lighting authority and Australia’s leading female architectural lighting designer. The Gillard Group is a world leader in lighting design, Lighting as a Service and sourcing and managing installed LED.

With us, you can look forward to the future. Contact us and let shadows fall behind you.