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St Mary’s Church (Warwick)

Our lighting design for this church accumulates positive attention, winning IES/ANZ  award and an international Heritage Lighting Award. The church also features in articles, like indesignlive and Horizons (a Catholic Church publication):

“Fr. Franco is thrilled with the outcome of the lighting project and the expertise and guidance received by the Gillard Group”

IES/ANZ judges’ citation:

“Stunningly beautiful. Adaptation, innovation and consideration for Heritage has created a space of harmony and intimacy that is a beacon for the community.”

Summary of other award commentary:

“The jury fell in love with this submission from the start …. unique approaches to cable reticulation and luminaire generation was innovative …. Energy Saving of over 75% …. marriage of lighting wonder …. vibrant spiritual ambience … theatre lighting …. a beautiful installation that is a beacon and sanctuary for the community.”

St Mary’s church dominates its surrounds and has exemplary carvings, joinery, stone, stained glass, timber and marble work.

Heritage constraints drove many creative solutions, especially in the bell tower and designing bespoke Christian-inspired luminaires.

Photographs: Scott Burrows.


  • The sun on the designers was just dramatic good luck

  • Theatre lighting

  • Beautiful indirect light