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End year, sees the beginning of the end of the traditional lighting industry and the end of the beginning of what we planned for since 2012. We see Samsung pull out of lamps, Philips and Osram are selling their general lighting businesses and General Electric has set theirs adrift. If you are a building owner or planning new constructions, what does the decline of the traditional lighting industry mean for your business? As margins and old ways fade, the chaos in the supply chain will worsen. Contact us or read more: Architectural Lighting Jan/Feb 2016 p28 or Bloomberg article.

2015 Nov
Sunday 22nd and the Gillard Group becomes the first independent lighting design company and one of first in the world to offer Lighting as a Service (LaaS), a complete and comprehensive offering providing end-to-end funding, design, installation, maintenance and energy and replacement programs. While others, including the major lighting companies were talking about it, for example GE Lighting or trialling (Philips, Washington DC Metro), we did it.

Critically, we are product independent: no over-lighting, no over-selling; no over-specifying; no gouging the energy savings; no product lock-in; no commission taking; no product substitution; and no use of inferior or superseded shelf-product. As major product suppliers try to reinvent themselves as LaaS providers, they remain burdened by their cost of production and 20,000 LED suppliers collapsing margins. Meanwhile, retrofitters profit from naive buyers transiting to low-energy LED.  However, as the global LED market reaches saturation (about 2020 according to the Boston Consulting Group), this market will collapse on itself, fold manufacturers and companies and forfeit warranties (not that most warranties are worth much). Now, independent advice, is priceless – contact us.

2015 Nov
The Gillard Group wins the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IESANZ) annual Queensland Lighting Design Award of Excellence for Bowen Court 

2015 Oct
Jenni Gillard becomes the first female and second Australian and ninth globally to become a Certified Lighting Designer and the only person available in Australasia carrying this gold-standard international qualification. Registration requires submission of a broad portfolio of lighting work and application of a double-blind process in which an international panel do not know who is judging, or being judged. Only a unanimous decision, based on meeting strict domains of professional lighting practice, qualify.

2015 Jan
In Italy, the Principals meet the inventor of and review an extraordinary artificial light solution that replicates the look of the sun shining through skylights. Amazing realism.

2014 Apr
Jenni Gillard becomes the first female and eighth Australian to be registered as a full member of the largest International Association of Lighting Designers.

2013 Dec
In America, the Principals spend the day with Bob Karlicek, Professor and Director, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Centre, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, arguably the foremost lighting research centre in the world.

Pictured: Bob and Jenni (Troy, USA)

2013 Nov
In Germany, the Principals attend: Strategies in Light Conference (Munich); meet with Giovanni Scilla, Global Portfolio Manager (Osram); Secretary General, Star Alliance; and other officials.  We also visit Ingo Maurer (Studio).

Pictured: Giovanni, Jenni and Mark (Munich)

We invest and commence building innovative new systems and services to help our clients in the new lighting paradigm 2015-2024.

2012 Dec
Our research paper (2015-2024) said: “The faster the world adopts LED, the faster the lighting domain turns digital and so the speed of LED adoption determines when the traditional lighting industry unravels and becomes the prey of bigger predators.”