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Spectrum Apartments

Commissioned end 2016, $13M Spectrum won UDIA’s Affordable Housing award for excellence 2017 and LUX Designer Awards 2018, Best Multi Residential Design, under the citation:

“the most spectacularly lit, low-lit-energy, aged-lit-friendly affordable housing complex in the world.”

Spectrum comprises 60 apartments, including four for people with a disability and commercial spaces. The complex features four three-storey neon lit waterfalls of rainbow colours. The client says:

“The external lighting is spectacular and highlights the building and the internal lighting is perfectly functional and creates great ambience in all units.”

The Gillard Group achieved an anstonishing 1.3 watts/m2 while satisfying code compliance, function and ambience objectives. We even designed and oversaw manufacturer of bespoke cove lights. To know more visit here.